#25 Brandy Marsh 2017-04-02 10:54
April 1st was my daughters baby shower and we ordered Eclairs, Strudels, Napoleons, Josephines, and butter cookies. The guests loved them! Thank you so much New Palace Bakery. Traveling an hour there and back was worth it! Dziękuję Bardzo
#24 BRANDY M 2017-03-05 01:17
Today was the first time going to this bakery and I loved it! The staff was wonderful and very helpful. I am planning a Paris themed baby shower and they took time with me to help me decide what to purchase and how much each item would cost. Love, Love, Love, the bakery. Big Thanks to the staff.
#23 Jo Ann Mitchell 2016-12-01 01:56
Every year when I visit my family I make sure to buy bread and pastries for my family so when I visit from Texas,, I always bring a special bag of breads and pasties! In additional I take breads an as many goodies i can carry. Palace Bakery is part of our heritage and it is something that should be passed on and shared as often as we can. I love the staff and their patience to make all my orders just as I ask. I wish they would come to Texas!! Thank you Palace Bakery
#22 David Wojnowski 2016-09-11 13:07
The best cookies I've ever had, moved to NC and I have some shipped every year just to satisfy my cravings. Love this bakery. Please move to NC.
#21 Rebecca Tomaszewski 2016-09-10 19:41
We have been coming to New Palace for as long as I can remember, so when it was time to decide on a wedding cake, the decision was obvious. We were not disappointed!!! ! It was beautiful and exactly how we pictured it. We only tasted a small bite each and it was great, but there was no cake left over at the end of the night because everyone wanted to take more home with them. We also ordered the shower cake here which was fantastic. The design was perfect and the taste is unbeatable. These are the best cakes around!!!!
#20 darlene 2016-03-26 00:14
We make special trips into Hamtramck for New Palace rye, marble, and pumpernickel breads….I've tried many different breads but nothing compares to theirs. It's worth the trip..When you grow up on the best nothing else will do. The only problem is I never leave with just bread….you have to also get some sweets…Thanks New Palace
#19 jeff scott 2016-03-01 14:01
A family tradition, we always had special holiday treats. My parents and grandparents raised us on delicious, wholesome goodness.
#18 Joe 2016-02-07 22:20
My Grandfather and Mother lived down the street for 70+ years and the entire family grew up with and have enjoyed New Palace baking. My wedding cake 35 years ago also came from New Palace and throughout the year, we (and now my children) always stop in for something special. We even ship to family members throughout the country. They are the best - thank you ladies.... Joe You have something very special.
#17 Art at E23 2015-11-29 11:13
New Palace is the best bakery in Michigan,always fresh and delicious baked goods.My favorite bread is their buttermilk rye.The ladies that wait on you are always nice and helpful.Thanks New Palace.
#16 Bob Blessing 2015-11-23 16:06
Thank you!!!

Almond Rolls arrived on scheduled in Oklahoma and Georgia, the Georgia delivery couldn't have been more perfect, just in time for my Mothers 80th Birthday. She was so happy that she was able to have a taste of HOME once again.
Thanks again for making this happen.

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